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For a long time, homeowners in Trinidad and Tobago have grown accustomed to waste disposal in various ways. Some of them frowned upon. Based on market research, approximately 55% of households had a steel wired basket or steel bars welded together to form steel cages. This created a problem where pedestrians threw their unwanted waste such as plastics, wrappers or lunch boxes into the unsecured cage and left an unwanted mess for the homeowner alone to clean up. There were the 17% that had their garbage bags on top of the outside walls of their house for the garbage collectors and a concerning 21% that left their garbage at the side of the road where animals can easily ravage the bags for food and leave a trail of unsanitary destruction. With figures like these from just 80 people so far across the country, something needed to be about it.

The prototype above, coming soon to production, is designed to help improve the way in which we store and dispose of our garbage and strengthen environment protection, starting with the home. The T.R.I.N.I.T.E. system, promises to live up to its Trinbagonian slogan ‘Reduce de mess and ease de stress’ at least on a domestic waste level. To date According to Market research, out of 80 people interviewed:

• 92% are interested in this product.

• 76% find it extremely useful (if not very useful).

• 43% are extremely likely and 44% are very likely to recommend this product to someone they know.

• 64% like the design, 84% like the usability and 64% like the appearance.

Now that the results speak for themselves, may you find the same great interest in this product. Contact Us for more information.

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